What’s On

What’s on at the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary 2011/12:

The committee is pleased to announce activities associated with the achievement of our strategic plan.

In addition we try and get wet each weekend and conduct a number of night dives. Please contact us to stay in touch regarding all these activities.

***Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Northern Pacific Seastar culling day***

 Sunday April 15 - 9.00 AM at Mullins Crt Car Park

An Asteria culling day…come take the Asteria by the arm and remove them from the sanctuary. 

Please register at  Contact Us so we can keep you posted. (weather dependant)

2011/2012 Activities (Subject to change)  
Conduct Fish Count Day. Now combined with NP Seastar Cull****COMPLETED**** Dec 17
Clean Up Australia Day event focusing on the Jawbone. After this we will do a Northern Pacific Seastar eradication dive and then a BBQ.****COMPLETED****. March 4 10AM
Conduct an approved Northern Pacific Seastar eradication program. (SEE ABOVE DEC 17) Feb
Conduct a Grateloupia investigation and removal program. Feb
Have a BBQ following our Ski based mapping/snorkelling activity. Nov
Conduct a Ski based mapping/snorkelling activity. COMPLETED
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