These are the names we use to describe different parts of Jawbone bay.



  1 School Bay
  2 West Edge (The Mangroves)
  3 West End
  Entry Points  
  4 School Path
  5 Main Path
  6 West Path (PV permission required)
  Inner Bays  
  7 School Rocks
  8 Little Sandy Bay (Entered from School Path)
  9 Sandy Bay (entered from Main path)
  10 Rocky Bay (includes seagrass monitoring site)
  11 East Point (East Point marker)
  12 “No Entry” Point (straggly rocks S of ‘No Entry’ sign)
  13 Rocky Bay Point
  14 South Point
  15 The Sandbar
  Inner Bay Features  
  16 Midbay Reefs
  17 The Dropoff