Upcoming talks: RSVP please by email jawbonemarinesanctuary@gmail.com if you are interested in attending...

Newport Scout Hall, 6 Market St Newport.  7.30Pm Thursday October 25th 2018.

"Diving with the Kiwis among the penguins" covers marine ecologist Matt McArthur's time as part of a dive team researching the effects of UV light on sea urchin larvae beneath the sea ice around the shores of Ross Island in 2004 and 2005.  Working out of Scott Base he made two dives a day through three meters of sea ice into waters just fractions of a degree above freezing. Gin clear water, anchor ice, notothenoid fish and Weddell seals are just a few of the features I'll cover in the presentation.
Sandy Webb will open the evening with a brief presentation on her experiences diving on the Antarctic Peninsula in 2013: Diving in Antarctica:  once in a lifetime.

The second Melbourne Sea Slug Census:  Saturday 13 October, Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

Although not an 'official' Jawbone event, a few of the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group Committee are going into the water at Jawbone at 8 am this Saturday (13th October) and you are welcome to join us.
(We will go in at the usual entry to the Jawbone Bay, parking in Mullins Court, Rifle Range).
We are hunting for nudibranchs and sea slugs to photograph and submit to the second Melbourne Sea slug census which is being carried out all around Melbourne by interested divers and snorkelers this weekend.
Below is a photo of a beautiful nudibranch we photographed in Jawbone during the last census.
Stiliger smaragdinus

Stiliger smaragdinus.jpg