Sunday 18 February:  Outing on the SV Pelican for guests invited by the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group from local and relevant shore based Friends and Care Groups.  Our chance to demonstrate the ways in which their work may help keep Jawbone beautiful.

Sunday 4 March:  Clean Up Australia Day...information to be mailed out to all on the Jawbone mailing list.

21,22 April: Nudibranch survey.  People on the Jawbone Mailing list will be sent information about this survey which is to be run by Kade Mills of the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) , and details will also be sent of a course to be offered by Kade and Robert Gardiner on 22,23 March to assist with nudibranch photography.

 Details of a late summer Family Fun Day with VNPA will also be mailed out when confirmed.

 Contact us at if you would like to be on the list for what are fairly regular snorkeling outings throughout the year in and around Williamstown on Fridays (weather and other things permitting!)