13 September 2014

Great result & turnout for Clean Up Day -- Saturday the 13th, thank you to all.  Before, during & after photos by Scab Duty, our partners.








30 August 2014

Great progress on Clean Up Day!  Also big thank-you to Scab Duty for helping out & their ongoing efforts around Hobson's Bay!


May 17 2014...Our rare chance to visit the west end of the Sanctuary and the weather at last was kind.  The strong north winds of previous days dropped and the water was clear but cold (15 degrees!)... Our 18 snorkelers reported on a healthy population of large Zebra fish and some big dusky Morwongs.  They also reported NO northern pacific seastars.

We also had 9 people collecting rubbish on the shore and sadly it was not hard for them to collect 6 big bags! 

Thanks to all who came along.




14 December 2013

Cooler and windier than expected and vis was not great but, under the watchful eyes of Park's Rangers Emily and Jacqui and our President Dan on the kayak, the snorkelers ventured to the outer edges of Jawbone Bay in their quest for fish!

Not a lot of fish were seen..but included were a shovel nosed stingaree, a Banjo, horseshoe and six spined leather jackets, and some baby dusky Morwangs....However the seagrass and the algae are flourishing and this must surely bring fish later!  And it is good to report that only one or two of the invasive seastar Asterias were seen.

Check out the photos to see who came and braved it.....



Photos from Jawbone's 2013 Great Victorian Fish Count




Cleanup_Oz_2014-2.jpgCleanup Australia Day 2014...March 2.....This huge pile of rubbish came from the eastern end of the Sanctuary at the mouth of Kororoit Creek....luckily we had a big group of strong and willing helpers!


7 September 2013

SeaWorks Tall Ships Festival in September 2013.

Thousands of people came past and we had a huge reaction to the small marine aquarium in which we displayed some of the marine life from Jawbone...such as seastars and a tiny blennie....