Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Incorporated

The Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Inc. Group (JMSC) is a collection of community volunteers concerned with the well-being of the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. The group work in co-operation with Parks Victoria, the sanctuary’s managers. The group was established in August 2008.

Our Vision:
That the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary remains a rich and diverse environment for its protection and sustainable use today, and for future generations.

Our Aims:
To achieve this vision, Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group aims to:

1. Advance current knowledge of Jawbone Marine Sanctuary’s natural and cultural values.

2. Protect and conserve the natural and cultural values of Jawbone Marine Sanctuary.

3. Increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Jawbone Marine Sanctuaries values among the local and wider community.

4. Promote the enjoyment and sustainable use of the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary.

5. Encourage a sense of shared ownership and custodianship for Jawbone Marine Sanctuary among the local and wider community by pursuing greater community participation in the group’s activities